Opened in 2012, the United Business Center Iași currently includes six fully operational buildings, being an integral part of the multifunctional Palas urban development, the first lifestyle complex in Romania.

UBC Iasi represents the hub of the region’s IT and Outsourcing industry, bringing together over 70,000 sqm of office (retail and office space) over 50 national and multinational companies, with approximately 7,500 employees.

United Business Center buildings in Iași

United Business Center buildings throughout the network are built respecting the requirement for the quality of the construction and the aesthetics of the finishes, specific to the class A office developments.

The safety and security of the premises and the employees of the companies present in the office buildings are ensured by specific ultra-performance systems and dedicated personnel. Specialized assistance is provided 24/7. At the same time, the employees benefit from parking spaces (a parking space at 50 sqm office space).

Palas multifunctional urban complex

The Palas ensemble represents the largest investment in real estate outside Bucharest, worth over 265 million euros. Located in the center of Iasi, in an area with strong historical and cultural resonances, the ensemble has a built area of approximately 280,000 square meters. With a unique approach at national level, the Palas urban complex comprises a set of functions brought together under the concept of “lifestyle center”:
shopping mall and shopping street with 65,000 sqm for retail activities carried out by over 200 national and international brands;

8 class A office buildings;
4 congress halls;
park and green spaces spread over 50,000 sqm;
cafes, restaurants and food courts with over 1,300 seats;
4-star hotel;
the largest underground parking in Romania with 2,500 seats on 5 levels.

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The city of Iasi
City of beginnings

The city of Iasi, in its more than 600 years of existence, has become a true historical, cultural and economic landmark. It is the city of many national premieres: the first printing press, the first school in Romanian, the first play in Romanian, the first medical society, the first museum of natural history, the first botanical garden, the first medical school, the first university, but also the first Jewish theater. from the world. In recent history, the first lifestyle center in the country, the Palas urban center, was also built in Iași.

Beyond the cultural value, Iasi has also become an important business hub in the northeast of Romania and offers a real perspective of economic development. There remains a university center of reference, proof being the more than 60,000 students in the field of exact sciences, humanities and medical, present in the five state universities.

Multicultural tradition

Iasi preserves the historical tradition of multiculturalism. The cultural centers – French, German, British, Greek and Latin American and Caribbean – frequently organize activities dedicated to the development of international cultural and business relations. The foreign languages ​​studied and spoken by young people from Iasi are mainly English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian.

The gate to the East

The city’s connectivity is ensured, both by the European road E585, which connects with the big cities in the country, as well as through the Iasi International Airport, which operates direct flights to Bucharest and main destinations from Austria, the United Kingdom, Italy, Israel. In the Republic of Moldova it is easy to reach, the distance from Iasi to Chisinau being traveled by car in two hours.

Spaces available for rent

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